A project in the FEEL RENOVATED track An apartment in Holon that underwent a thorough renovation for a couple in their 70s. I call this apartment “Alice in Wonderland”! Not many people can contain so many different colors and textures at once! When I met the O&M couple, I immediately understood that these are two special souls and all that matters to them is that they have the feeling of a home full of life and color and certainly not standard in its nature. Just like the special character of O who creates herself and most of the art details in the house are the result of her own creations! The living room expresses a lot of colors that express joy, vegetation, dominance, creativity and emotion. We have planned a lot of seating to accommodate the whole family who likes to play with the children and grandchildren. When there is a need for shared meals, we added openable consoles in the parking lot on the art wall. A carpentry wall containing a sitting area for the daily needs of the couple with storage spaces for hosting when needed. The kitchen has been given a dominant shade of light blue that conveys freshness, creates a feeling of airiness and space, and instills a feeling of peace and calm, positivity and optimism. The corridor received a dominant and clear reference in the transition between the different rooms. The couple’s bedroom suite was designed in calm pastel shades to convey peaceful calm and a harmonious and sweet relationship. And later also the reference to the colors in the bathroom. The guest shower was enlarged at the expense of the laundry space. We hid the washing machines in a functional closet and the entire room received layers and textures that transmit richness of growth and freshness. O’s study was designed with a large closet for necessities with functional solutions and a creative table that meets all the needs of the collections for the creative works she engages in daily for her pleasure.

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