Interior Designer, Professionals and Everything in Between

One of the most common dilemmas before home renovation is whether to use an interior designer, or deal directly and independently with the renovator? The thought of forgoing an interior designer and saving costs is tempting, but in the long run it could be expensive. If you have a lot of experience in renovations, you may be able to manage on your own, but it is not recommended to embark on such a significant and complex project without the guidance of a pair of professional eyes. So let’s answer the question – why not give up an interior designer?

Experience, Professionalism, Efficiency

Interior designers have already seen it all, and have been exposed to a large variety of requests from customers, professionals, design styles and renovation plans. This experience allows the designer to take your vision and desires and turn them into a detailed and precise renovation plan that even professionals can understand and execute optimally. In addition, an interior designer will know how to refer you to quality professionals and recommended material stores, and most importantly – she will know how to identify difficulties and pitfalls that may arise already at the planning stage, and prevent them in advance to avoid unexpected costs and delays in the renovation.

How do you choose an interior designer?

Different renovations differ from each other in terms of budget, scope, type of renovated property, desired design style, and more, so it is important to choose an interior designer with experience and expertise in your type of renovations. Look at the portfolios of different designers, go through their resumes and be impressed: do you connect with the style? Is their experience as relevant to the project as yours? Don’t give up on a phone call or an introductory meeting either – in the end, good chemistry and a “click” are also a key consideration, and it’s important that you have a pleasant and smooth time working with the interior designer you’ve chosen. Another good way to choose an interior designer is of course through recommendations, and I definitely recommend the help of family members or friends who have recently renovated the house.

Interior Designer – Your right hand in the renovation process

The work of the interior designer really does not end when the renovation begins, on the contrary – the designer’s presence in the field and her availability for you are no less critical. An interior designer knows how to make sure that the work is really carried out according to the plan, and this is especially important before you start breaking down walls and placing electrical points. Each stage of work that is completed will receive an “OK” from the designer to ensure that it was done properly and the house is ready for the next stage – in this way you will avoid the need to go back and repair (or destroy and start over) work that has already been done, and you will be spared significant delays and additional costs that you did not plan for. Also faults that pop up in real time, like

For example, an electrical infrastructure that is laid differently than what appears in the building plan, will receive an immediate response from the designer and will allow the work to continue and progress with minimal delays.

Planning and interior design requires skill and a deep understanding of all the stages of the process. For any question, request, consultation I am available for you – call me or leave details on the website.

Interior designer, professionals and everything in between!

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