Kitchen Remodeling

There are many reasons to decide to renovate the kitchen: aging and wear, functional or aesthetic considerations, increasing the apartment’s value, and more. You can completely replace the kitchen and its infrastructure, renovate it thoroughly, or settle for minimal cosmetic changes – the choice depends on several factors, and before embarking on the journey, it is important to understand why we want to renovate and what resources we are willing to allocate to the project. Here are some tips that will guide you to a successful and satisfying kitchen renovation:

A partial renovation or a full one?

This is the first question you need to ask, and the answer depends on several variables, such as: If you own the house, you might want a comprehensive renovation, but if you live in a rented apartment, you may prefer cosmetic improvements only. Additionally, if the kitchen is very old, you will likely need to replace it entirely, including the infrastructure, but if it is relatively new, it may not be necessary, and you can settle for renovating the cabinets and countertops. The most significant factor is the budget – a kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of shekels or more, while a partial and minimal refresh can be achieved with a few thousand shekels (still creating a sense of upgrade and significant change). Remember that the more comprehensive the renovation, the longer you will have to manage without your kitchen – and you will need to arrange for an alternative kitchen or another solution. Like any renovation, it is crucial to define your needs precisely and understand the budget framework before embarking on the project.

Different design styles

Kitchen design is divided into various styles, and the more precisely you can define what you are looking for, the easier the process will be. Prominent styles include:

  1. Modern – characterized by bright colors from the white and gray family, a minimalist appearance, and concealed handles (cabinets and drawers with hidden handles). It is a kitchen with a clean and streamlined look, with an atmosphere considered relatively cool.
  2. Rustic – you could say it’s the opposite of modern, with warm colors, extensive use of wood, and exposed wood veneer that is part of the design. The atmosphere is cozy and warm.
  3. Vintage – design inspired by the 1950s to 1970s, with patterned floors, wallpapers, bold cabinet colors, dominant wood veneer, and more. It’s a style that evokes memories of grandparents’ homes.
  4. Industrial – characterized by heavy use of metal and dark colors, open storage surfaces like shelves and hanging, and an overall rougher and grittier atmosphere. Of course, there are more design styles, and I recommend browsing the internet to get inspiration and refine the style you’re looking for.


Step by step – from planning to the first meal

Remodeling or renovating a kitchen can sometimes be a complex process, and to simplify the project, I like to divide it into three stages: planning, execution, and decoration. What happens in each stage? In the planning stage, we define the needs and desires, explore alternatives and plans, select the electrical appliances, and proceed to sign with a carpenter/kitchen company and start the work. Why do we choose electrical appliances at such an early stage? Because their size and placement, such as the refrigerator and dishwasher, affect the planning and design.

The execution stage begins with a couple of challenging and messy weeks but improves as it progresses. The professionals dismantle the old kitchen, prepare the infrastructure, and get the space ready for the installation of the new kitchen. After the kitchen arrives and is measured, the installation of the countertop and final finishes on the cabinet fronts (such as alignment) take place.

Now begins the most enjoyable part, the decoration stage, where you will accessorize the new kitchen with utensils, accessories, decorative items, and gadgets that will finally turn it into your dream kitchen. Now all that’s left is to invite guests for a festive inauguration meal.

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