Every Color Has A Story


The color of life that represents nature and symbolizes blossoming, renewal and freshness. Interior design based on green creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere, and is especially suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, green is also suitable for work rooms, home clinics, and any space where you want to “downshift” and enter a state of concentration or peace. If you live in a dense urban area like the center of the country, the green color in the house will be a wonderful balance to the urban concrete shades. Favorite and recommended shades are mint green, vivid green and grass green.


A color that is associated with the rising sun and represents joy, activity, lightness, health and a host of other positive qualities. However, it is a dominant color that tends to steal the show in the space it is in, so it is important to use it in the right dose. The atmosphere of openness and creativity it inspires makes yellow a great color for meeting rooms, workspaces and any space where interaction between people takes place. Prominent shades are banana yellow, sunflower yellow and mustard yellow.


The color black is really not taboo, and its correct use greatly improves the interior design. It is powerful, mysterious, and suitable for emphasizing existing colors, framing elements and creating a dramatic effect. Its properties as a complementary color make it a color that fits into almost every space in the house. Like all dominant colors, it should be used sparingly so as not to create an atmosphere that is too heavy and gloomy. If the view from your window is green and open, like in the north or in Sharon, the black can provide an interesting and balanced contrast. It is recommended to use charcoal black, full black or warm black.


The “adult in charge” of the world of colors, along with white, and is used to balance the effect of colors and other elements in the space. Gray is known as a moderate and restrained color that creates a contrast with more dominant colors, therefore it is suitable for use in the more formal parts of the house (the entrance area or the common spaces), and can be used as the central color that functions as a background for the other elements of the interior design. My favorite shades are graphite gray, concrete gray and garage gray.

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