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Client Testimonials

Elroy and Shiran Cohen

Dear Moran!! You are professional and creative, know how to get to the subtleties and complete understanding of the customers, and it's fun to work with you. We earned a designed house and kitchen from the legends like we dreamed of!! We wish you success and thank you for the process.

Inbar Dvir Cohen

I highly recommend the amazing Moran!! Meeting you was so pleasant, warm and huggable. Immediate connection.. You helped us so much, with patience, professionalism, sensitivity and great listening on your part to our wishes and opened new worlds for us in the world of design. You are amazing Moran!! Anyone who wins your advice and counsel - will win!!!! Love and appreciate very much. Thanks

Magni-Gri cereal

Dear Moran, I still remember the first day we met, you entered our house with a lot of good energy, within minutes you found the connection to him, to us and to the naturalness and magic that is all yours... All the beauty and abundance began to pour into pages of sketches while merging our dreams and selves . The whole process was fun, intriguing, exciting.. brought me to my personal empowerment thanks to you.. to see our beauty expressed in walls, colors, wallpapers and chandeliers.. it's a magic that only individuals are capable of. you are like that Thank you for the accompaniment, for the experience, the result that is beyond expectations. The new energies of the house, there is no substitute for them. Thanks.

Michal Cohen is alive

Beloved Moran, about 6 years ago you accompanied me and my children, in such a delicate and deep process - of designing and organizing the new house when moving to another city, after the death of my husband and the father of my children and the process of processing grief. Your sensitivity, listening to my unique needs and taste - and especially to my need to make a pampering and beautiful family home for me and my children - created our beautiful apartment to this day. Everyone who enters it feels the positive and wonderful energy. I thank you for the process, for the result and I know that everyone who gets to travel with you will have the experience of building a house inside and out.

Bernardo and Lea Kosman

Moran helped us plan and design our apartment about three and a half years ago. She did not impose her opinion on us, rather, she tried to specify for us what we need and want and we won a beautiful, pleasant and special apartment that reflects us in the best way. Especially since the corona virus, which forced us to work from home for more than a year - we realized every day how pleasant and good we are at home, and all this, with Moran's help and thanks. Anyone who chooses to go through the process with you will be rewarded and thank you even years later. Good luck - Bernardo and Leah.

Merav Abrahami Segev

Dear Morni, our paths crossed two years ago when you designed our home with great talent, professionalism and patience. You always provided a pleasant and calm atmosphere that helped the complex process. I have no doubt that everyone who works with you will benefit! We won, thank you huge champion!!

Lior Ventura

Dear Moran, you were a partner in such a significant process in our lives, and even though it's been 3 years, we still get excited, admire and enjoy the house, and still don't always believe that it's our house... you are highly talented and full of true passion for the profession and connecting with people... we believe and we wish you all the best in the world...

Maya Hadar

Dear Moran, we were privileged to design and renovate the house with your help. Your talent and professionalism also saved us a lot of time and unnecessary worries and also resulted in a great result. you are the best!

Anat Givon Zimmerman

The lovely Moran, you are a very talented and professional designer, you designed a stunning house for us and we are happy to have met you, may you succeed in a big way, you deserve it my love.

Elad Goldstein

Two years have passed since you designed our house professionally and all with understanding, patience and huge dedication to the process. And in the end result we enjoy and are satisfied with a beautiful house that we and many other visitors love very much. So thank you Moran, we have recommended and will continue to recommend ... may it be full of success.

Tali Koren

Even two years after the renovation, we are still excited every day about our stunning and fun apartment. Thanks Moran!!

Dana Birch

Moran, one and only successful and bright. A great designer, an amazing woman, what a pleasure to praise you from the bottom of my heart.

Ofer Cohen

Dear and special Moran, we did so many projects together and everything was managed at a very high and precise level, you are a talented and creative woman!

Ofir Shahar

My dear Morni. You are 100% talent, so professional and creative. From you I learned that the right harmony of colors, the right combination of textiles and fabric and clothing make all the difference - between a home that you love and feel comfortable and right in, and one that is less so. And you were so right, our house turned out stunning!!. You have an amazing ability to see the whole picture and touch the details and all this in perfect harmony. I still remember how to take small miniature pictures that I had left from my mother's house, frame them with a loving hand and hang them on the wall. Of course, in the appropriate place "so that it will be impossible to ignore them" as you said. You thought, initiated and did.

Tally Davidson

Dear Moran. Sorry for the delay.. you are one of a kind, Professional, beautiful on the outside and especially on the inside. You did an amazing job for me that will never end.. and you remain in my heart. May you continue to succeed and soar to the top even at this time.. With love Tali.

Rinat Erbili

We were privileged to go through the design process with you, you specified the needs, the adjustments for us and knew how to direct our choices to the result we wished for. We got the house of our dreams and everyone who enters us is amazed.

Ayelet Mbari

Moran, you are with me every moment, in every magical corner of the house. We designed my house together. You understood who I am and so perfectly you turned my desires, my dreams into a home. A perfect home for me and my children. Huge thanks.

Happy Kinneret

Dear Moran, you are a champion!! Two years we walk hand in hand. Every project with you is a success. The final result is perfect and no one is not impressed. Professionally and with great talent, with a smile and listening, you immediately see the whole picture and are precise in the small details. Waiting to start the next project with you..

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