Body, Mind, Consciousness, and Design Enter the House

This is not the beginning of a joke – these are the four principles of accurate interior design, which gives the house a personality and atmosphere that represent and empower you. Studies have proven that the space we stay in directly affects not only our quality of life, but also our physical and mental state. We invest time, money and energy in nurturing our appearance and health, but the living space is sometimes pushed aside even though it is just as important. Here are several tips that can be easily applied, to upgrade the interior design and fill the house with new energy.


Correct interior design begins when everything is placed in its place, and order in the living space creates order in thought and soul. Find a free space at the entrance to the house and place a dresser, console, shoe cabinet or any storage solution that meets your needs. Take advantage of free walls in common spaces for bookshelves, beehives with decorative items, and more. This way you will create a pleasant order in all parts of the house and give it your personal touch.


Light gives warmth, comfort, homeliness and peace, and is an integral part of the interior design and character of the house. It is important to choose lighting fixtures and light shades that suit the atmosphere you want to create, to be careful with a central and dominant lighting fixture in each space and to add secondary fixtures if necessary. In addition, it is desirable to create additional lighting control options such as a switch next to the bed or a dimmer (DIMMER) that allows you to precisely adjust the light intensity in the space.


Every plant that you bring into the home provides refreshing energy, adds vibrant green shades, affects the air we breathe and contributes to concentration and calmness. Choose a plant that blends in with the interior design of the house, that is suitable for your living environment (what is good for an apartment building in the center is not necessarily suitable for a land house in Sharon or in the north) and that you can maintain in your free time. Don’t you have free time? That’s okay, there are plants that require little watering and almost zero attention.


The best and most accurate way to make the house “yours”. You can tell a lot about the residents of the house by the art in it, so choose pictures and objects that speak to your style and make it stand out. Do you have a collection? Display it in a visible place, it encourages interest and conversation with the guests and tells about you without you having to say a word. Vintage items that are passed down in the family are also a great artistic touch. Let your home tell who you are.

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