Turn the Bathroom into A Home Spa

Inspiration and style choice

Close your eyes and imagine the shower of your dreams – is it rustic and warm? Maybe rather modern and minimalist? Is the shower in an intimate closet or in an open and wide space? Collect pictures of bathrooms with an interior design that speaks to you from the web, and put them together in an inspiration folder. This will be your road map in designing the perfect bathroom. A little tip from me: wood and vegetation are an excellent way to create a pampering spa atmosphere.

Materials and colors

The materials and colors are derived from the chosen design style: a rustic bathroom will emphasize light tones and wood, while a modern interior design will use more metals and dark tones. I recommend 2-4 different combinations, and no more. For example, the floor and wall of the shower are made of one tile, and the rest of the walls are made of another tile. To maintain uniformity in the interior design, try to match the fittings and lighting fixtures to a uniform shade.


Vegetation is a mandatory element in every bathroom, and the natural connection between the shades of green and the flowing water creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere that suits any style of interior design. My preference is at least two plants in the space, and the balance between them is up to you: allow one large and dominant alongside one small and complementary one, or allow two with the same presence, the choice is yours. Recommended plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance are common greens, oleanders and coconut sedums.

Essential oils

The final touch that greatly upgrades the bathroom, adds sensory stimulation to the space and enhances the feeling of pampering and luxury. All you need are a few drops of essential oil in the fragrance of your choice, and every time you enter the bathroom you will inhale new energies from the top of your lungs. I especially like lavender oil – whose wonderful aroma calms tension and anxiety and promotes good sleep, and bergamot oil – which gives an intoxicating citrus aroma and helps with pain relief, general relaxation and the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

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