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The route for the full escort

Feel Renovated ליווי לשיפוץ, בניה והלבשה@2x
Feel Renovated

Accompanying for renovation, construction and dressing

Every house, old or new, needs to be adjusted to meet the needs and desires of its owners. If there's something I love, it's breaking down walls and rebuilding them 🙂

The Feel renovated route is suitable for those who want a full accompanying process, from the planning stage and breaking down the walls, dealing with the various professionals, purchases and orders according to the design line that characterizes you to the stage of placing and hanging the pictures.

Feel Designed

Escort for dressing and styling

How many times have you felt that the house no longer reflects your design taste? How many times have you wanted to renew, replace, upgrade but you didn't know where to start and how to connect everything to a result that would reflect you?

The Feel DESIGNED route is suitable for those who want a full escort process, without breaking the walls! A process that is all about style and precision feelings together hand in hand until the arrangement and placement of the pots!

Feel Public

Escort to the offices

Studies state that the design of the workplace has an effect on the happiness of the employees and their motivation.

The FEEL PUBLIC track is suitable for an office or public space that will fit and reflect the organizational needs that match your unique work environment. Together we will refine the corporate culture and work processes, all in accordance with your business and marketing strategy. Together we will create a space to which you will want to return!

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