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An Array of Tenant Changes for Contractors, and Entrepreneurs for a Boutique Project

Today more than ever when the scope of construction in Israel is increasing, and the industry brings with it an innovation in the TAMA | project Building evacuation, etc., and it is very important to use the services of an expert in the field of planning and interior design, who will accompany you and your project throughout the process, will be attentive to your needs and interests and will make sure to give you peace of mind before and during the process and in accordance with the needs of the project!

I offer especially for your company a set of tenant changes for your project.

I believe that every entrepreneurial company needs a boutique office that will provide a professional and efficient response that will make it easier for you to build the project successfully, will give you peace of mind and a professional response to the tenants and will make the tenants satisfied!

What does the service include?

We will take care and prepare the project plan

Tenant file management

Continuous availability for the project team

We will take care of the tenant process

The studio provides the full range of services for you and for the tenant purchasing a new apartment in the project. If the tenant does not wish to adhere to the standard design of the apartment and wishes to make design changes beyond the standard service that we will offer as part of the standard service, we will be able to provide him with upgrades and additions according to his needs through a careful process, such as:

  1.  Planning and upgrading a kitchen
  2.  Accompanying supplier purchases
  3.  Accompanying a complete interior design process

And for you as an entrepreneur, we can provide a response to all additions and upgrades in the project, such as:

  1.  Planning and designing a sample apartment
  2.  Lobby planning and design
  3.  And more in accordance with the needs of the project

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